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How to use it:
Use the 3 steps of BAR to make some changes to an object eg a laptop computer.

  • B = Bigger. Make one part of the object bigger, or more important in terms of its usage.
  • A = Add. Place an extra part or object onto the laptop.
  • R = Replace. Take one thing away, and replace it with something else.

An example:
BAR a laptop

Bigger. Make the screen a 4-way fold-out viewing screen that is the size of a small TV, so that it is much bigger and easier to see.

Add. Include a series of buttons that can make the laptop case change into different colours.

Replace. Replace the normal rectangle shape with various other shapes eg square; triangle; circle.

Why it’s important to use it:
Acronyms (such as BAR) are super-handy when it comes to remembering how to create new things. This particular acronym triggers your memory when you want to redesign something.

Some variations:
You could design one of your own acronyms here. Start with a simple word eg TAP (Triple the size of one part; Add one extra part; Put one thing to a different use)