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How to use it:
What are the Brick Walls that are standing in your way? Work out what is going to hold you back from doing what you want to accomplish. Then develop lots of ideas for overcoming those points.

An example:
We want our school to give lots of social justice support to our local community, and yet too many people just don’t seem to care about doing this.

Some ideas:

  • Find an inspiring person to come and talk to everyone, and to encourage them to take some action
  • Just start doing something; and then show others how you are doing it
  • Give people just one thing to do, and make it as simple as possible

Why it’s important to use it:
Sometimes, we feel exhausted by the things that stop us from doing good things in our lives. It’s very important that we clarify what those Brick Walls are, and then just do something about them.

Some variations:
Work out some examples of situations or things that absolutely could not be changed, no matter what.