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How to use it:
This is where you challenge everyone to really think differently. Make a totally ridiculous statement that would be impossible to implement, and then justify why it needs to be put into action. You must be as ridiculous as possible, in order to stretch everyone’s thinking.

An example:
You are creating some new designs for mobile phones. Your challenge? Cellphones or mobile phones must be surgically implanted inside our brains.


  • It would be much easier to carry around. You could then use your hands for other necessary purposes
  • There would be no more posing done by people with very expensive phones
  • When you really had to contact people, they would not be able to ignore the ringing inside their heads

Why it’s important to use it:
It’s great for your thinking to challenge the ‘impossible’. Who said it was impossible anyway? Maybe it’s always been that way because no-one was ever prepared to challenge it before today.

Some variations:
Make a challenging statement about something sensational that is very unlikely to happen to you for the rest of your life. Then work out how it’s actually possible for it to occur.