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How to use it:
What is most likely to occur as a result of placing something into practice? With this Key, you work out the series of consequences that could occur from doing an action. It may be a single consequence, or it may be a long list of possible consequences.

An example:
Your school has decided to recycle all paper rubbish that is produced each day. One consequence is that many of the parents then decide to do the same in their own homes, and some local businesses then do likewise.

Why it’s important to use it:
Many actions that we take can have a powerful consequence. When we’re planning to do something, we need to work out what is likely to occur when we put that action into place.

It’s important to realize that it’s often the little everyday actions that can make the biggest differences in your life (and in other people’s lives as well!).

Some variations:
Some people believe that “what goes around comes around”. Write out the sequence of events so that the final consequence comes back and affects the 1st person who began the cycle.