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How to use it:
Name two different things / concepts, and then brainstorm common points between them. This can be done with similar things (eg you and your friend), or really different things (eg a book and a chocolate).

An example:

  • A book and a chocolate.
  • They can both give you a lot of pleasure.
  • Their cover / wrapping usually tells you what’s inside.
  • You need to open them up to get to the contents.

Why it’s important to use it:
At first, it seems ridiculous to think of something that is the same about two different things. However, it challenges you to properly understand each of those things, and it often leads to some really different ideas.

Some variations:
Name two things that are very similar eg cars and motorbikes, and create a list of things that they don’t have in common. This could include:

  • You turn by using a steering wheel (car)
  • When it rains, you have to wear wet weather gear (bike)
  • Other people can see what you’re wearing (bike)
  • You can leave lots of groceries in the boot (car)