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How to use it:
This is where you play with ideas for the future. With whatever you’re studying, predict some possibilities for 10, 20, 50, or even 100 years from now. Remember that the far future might end up being very very different to now (or maybe not).

An example:
Predict how food will be prepared for eating in 50 years from now eg

  • We will train our brains to focus heat onto the food, and it will then cook by itself.
  • All food will be prepared by a robotic cook. This robot will be programmed with your personal choices, and so it will always know what food you would prefer at any one time.

Why it’s important to use it:
The future is going to happen anyway. So get yourself ready for it. It’s much better to be prepared for whatever is up ahead, rather than to feel overwhelmed by all of the changes taking place. Your life journey is always easier when you keep an open mind about what might happen in your future.

 Some variations:
 Look at the future from these three perspectives:

  • Possible futures. Come up with amazing, fanciful or even ridiculous possibilities
  • Probable futures. Outline what is fairly likely to happen in the future
  • Preferable futures. Work out what futures you would like to actually have happen