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How to use it:
Think of the key question for the issue or the unit of work that you are studying. It must be a question that would challenge everyone to think really deeply. Don’t come up with a question that can simply be answered with a 『yes’ or a 『no’. This key question will challenge you to explore what really matters.

An example:
English: How will this novel help us to better understand our lives?

  • Science: Why will nanotechnology impact on human civilization?
  • Math: How can mathematics improve the quality of my life?
  • Phys Ed: What does it mean to be a winner in sport and in life?

Why it’s important to use it:
It’s great for your thinking to ponder the most important questions in life and learning. It’s even better for you to think up the questions yourself. When you do this, it challenges you to really understand whatever it is that you are learning.

Some variations:
Think of the hardest possible question about your work. Then attempt to answer it.