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How to use it:
When you are working on a task (eg a Powerpoint presentation), it’s important to think about the quality of your work. A rubric can help you to do this. Go through these two steps:

  1. Work out the specific skills you need to use when you do the task; and
  2. Write out the standards for each of those skills. These standards can go from Poor, to OK, to Sensational.

Why it’s important to use it:
Just thinking about ‘standards’ is a thinking challenge in itself. What’s good work? What’s average work? How do you describe these? They’re important questions. And once you clarify the difference between excellent and poor work, it then guides you towards your best possible effort.

Some variations:
Just for fun, write out the standards for work when it is done badly. Start with Poor, then go to Hopeless, followed by Diabolical, and then The Worst. Remember, this is only for fun!