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How to use it:
Name a specific issue, and then state the different viewpoints to that issue. There may only be two opposite sides, or there may be lots more. Even if you only believe in one of the arguments, you still are required to explain the other sides as clearly as possible.

An example:
The Issue: Spending lots of money on new public transport.

Yes. Too many people use their cars, and roads are now badly congested. More buses and trains would ease that congestion.

No. The cost will be prohibitive, and the local council would have to borrow a lot of money to pay for those buses and trains.

Why it’s important to use it:
It’s great for your thinking if you challenge yourself to see the other side of an issue. You don’t have to end up agreeing with it, but it will at least encourage you to widen your understanding of the issue.

Some variations:
Find someone who has the exact opposite viewpoint to you about a particular issue. Sit down and listen to his / her opinion, and then repeat it back to him / her.