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Get ready for a veritable feast of innovative thinking. Please find below, a list of 130 innovative projects that can stretch anyone's thinking. Some may be completed in 5 mins. Others might take days. The focus for these thinking projects? Innovation, creativity and outright wonder.
Thinking Provocations


On a faraway planet known as Zeitgeist, alien families take part in many highly unusual activities. Design at least three new ones for them, and consider the following information about their planet:

  • the average family has twenty children
  • Zeitgeistians have ten hands
  • no one ever fights with anyone else
  • the planet surface is covered by billions of tiny golden pebbles.

Who Nose

The ‘Who Nose’ perfume company has developed a remarkable new love potion called A-Tract.

Whenever anyone smells this remarkable new essence, they fall instantly in love with the wearer of the perfume. ‘Who Nose’ have decided to begin selling their product in three months time.

Name ten ways that you could use A-Tract to create a safer and more enjoyable world in the near-future.

Sticky Beak

Many of the birds in your area love to read the 『Sticky Beak’, an online magazine that delves into the private lives of the bird population.

Brainstorm at least five headlines that you think the Sticky Beak may have had in recent times, and then write one of these articles out in full.


During the 21st century, the distinction between human and robot will continue to overlap. Design what you believe will be the everyday inhabitant on Earth in 100 years from now.

Living in the 22nd century

Develop a clear preference for the way that we could be living in the 22nd century. Focus on three key areas such as schooling, space exploration, eating habits.


A highly innovative clothing company called InGear has developed an amazing new range of clothing that actually changes colour according to the wearer’s emotions. If you are happy, your shirt or dress will turn yellow, and if you are in a really bad mood, they will change to a black shade. Being embarrassed will cause your gear to turn bright red.

To promote their new designs, InGear have provided a free outfit for everyone in your family to wear for a full day.

Brainstorm at least ten (positive) things that are likely to happen during the day.