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About Tony Ryan

I am a futurist, and have worked with over 1000 schools, colleges, universities and organisations in 12 countries on developing their future pathways.

What does a futurist do? Well… it’s not someone who predicts the future. It’s someone who helps the world to prepare and create sustainable futures for their profession… and for all who are involved with it.

I’m the author of the Thinkers Keys, The Ripple Effect, Mindlinks, Wrapped In Living and a series of manuals and workbooks that stimulate innovative thinking. My latest book ‘The Next Generation’ was recently released by Wiley and Sons publishers.

In that book, I maintain that the future is meant to be a promise rather than a threat to our young people. Given today’s global pandemic issues, this perspective is more important than ever. As part of the promotion for The Next Generation, I have appeared twice on national TV, and in numerous radio and newspaper interviews.

I am an ambassador for School Aid Australia, a non-profit organisation that has raised over $5 million in the past fifteen years to support children in disaster-affected regions of the world.

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