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How To Use It:
With this Key, we clarify our reasons for doing an activity. We keep asking important questions such as:

  • Where are we going with what we’re doing here?
  • What do we really want to accomplish with our project?
  • What will be the end result of what we’re doing?

An Example:
You are working with a group of people who are talking about the way that rubbish is being thrown around your school. You decide that your real purpose with your meeting is to encourage people to place rubbish into the bins.

Why It’s Important To Use It:
Some meetings and discussions don’t accomplish anything. They just go around in circles. It’s important that you clarify your core purpose for being there, and that you decide what you really want from the discussion.

Some Variations:
Brainstorm what you don’t want to have happen. This will then encourage you to deeply focus on what you do want to achieve.