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Get ready for a veritable feast of innovative thinking. Please find below, a list of 130 innovative projects that can stretch anyone's thinking. Some may be completed in 5 mins. Others might take days. The focus for these thinking projects? Innovation, creativity and outright wonder.
Thinking Provocations

What do you think about, all day long? Conduct a brain survey, and document what you were thinking about on every hour (eg at 11.00, 12.00, 1.00) all through the day. Then see if you can graph your results.

Imagine that you are deep beneath the ground in a rainforest, and that you can see through the soil. If you looked up, what would all of the different tree roots look like?

Draw this unusual sight.

How well do you know yourself? Start by listing your strengths and weaknesses, and then record what you believe are your five best achievements in your life thus far. Justify every achievement that you choose.

Find out as much as you can about the human brain. Then develop a full brain policy for your school, and outline how everyone can make the maximum use of their brain during the day.

Develop a computer war game that involves warfare, but also includes a way of seeking peace. The points system for the game is to favour the contestants who look for peace.

Many people play games in online worlds with thousands of other people. Design a game that you could set up online, and write out the rules for play.