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Get ready for a veritable feast of innovative thinking. Please find below, a list of 130 innovative projects that can stretch anyone's thinking. Some may be completed in 5 mins. Others might take days. The focus for these thinking projects? Innovation, creativity and outright wonder.
Thinking Provocations

Fresh water is becoming an increasingly wasted resource, and much of this waste occurs around the home.

Design an innovative alarm that could be connected in some way to your home, so that any use of excess water would become known to everyone in the neighbourhood.

A company called I.T.T. (In Touch Technology) has developed an amazing headgear device that can enhance any of your senses (e.g. sight, smell, hearing) to over ten times its normal capacity.

Choose which sense you would most like to have boosted, and describe at least five things that would be likely to happen.

How could you teach someone to spell the word ‘co-operation’ by using the sense of touch?

Work out your technique, and then try it out with someone in your family.

What is the most advanced personal communication device that will ever be invented?

See if you can predict it, and then draw your design.


Throughout history, human beings have always dreamed of being able to fly without any mechanical assistance.

Brainstorm at least five major consequences for the planet if everyone really could fly.

How would it actually feel to rub your hands along the skin of a Tyrannosaurus Rex?

Describe the sensation through your fingers, your eyes, your nose and your heart. Take at least two paragraphs to write out a really exciting description.