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Get ready for a veritable feast of innovative thinking. Please find below, a list of 130 innovative projects that can stretch anyone's thinking. Some may be completed in 5 mins. Others might take days. The focus for these thinking projects? Innovation, creativity and outright wonder.
Thinking Provocations

Draw a chain of events in cartoon form to show how helping a little old lady across a busy street could eventually stop a war in the Middle East.

Here are two examples of an equation:

7+4+3 = 14 and

flour + water + yeast = bread.

Now, by combining different words and numbers, write out your own recipe for world peace.

Choose ten different smells. Now decide on a colour that best represents each of those smells, and create a special ‘fragrance mural’.

Write the name of the smell below each colour.

Design a manmade weatherproof cover for a football field so that the ground would remain dry during rain. Try to base your design on some or all of the following natural objects:

  • rainforest trees
  • flowers
  • spider webs.

Draw your design, and include all necessary features for opening and closing this structure.

Make up at least two jokes that each of the following would be likely to tell:

  • dogs
  • fish
  • rocks
  • trees.

Imagine a trip in a time machine. What would it look like as you travelled through time?

Describe and draw what you think you would see.